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Spring Daffodils Fabric Sample Session

by Anna Jackson on 04/13/14

Nothing cheers me after a long winter like the sight of daffodils pushing their way through the ground, 
ready to bloom into glorious, bright yellow flowers!

I've becoming more and more attracted to the colour yellow and at the beginning of Spring 
I can't help but make my own little ode to the daffodil.

I recently visited the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern and really loved his works in watercolour; so 'printerly', building up colour layers until a full picture emerges from the paper.  These fabric pieces were a reaction to that exhibition and in celebration of Spring.  As I worked on small studies the best approach to using the resulting fabric were in a mini canvas form.  A bit of Spring for your window ledge or worktop.  Happy Spring everyone!

- Anna

Fabric Foiling Workshop

by Anna Jackson on 04/08/14

What a great morning we had at my Experimental Foiling Workshop, hosted by the lovely Pascale at Stag & Bow.  

Foiling is a fabric printing technique which produces fantastic metallic surfaces. Foiled fabrics are hard wearing and make an excellent surface design choice for my hand bags. I've spend many a long day foiling, working to achieve different results from the same basic technique. 

Everyone had a very productive morning and took home a beautiful foiled tote bag of their own original design.  I'm always impressed with the creativity of those who, at the beginning of the morning, are nervous and have 'no idea what I'm going to make!'  I hold small classes so that everyone feels relaxed in a friendly atmosphere and knows that if they need to ask a question or need a bit of help - I'm right there. 


My summer timetable of workshops has now begun, please take a look at the Workshops page for more details.  These will be in my personal print studio in Camberwell, south London.  Don't worry, I'll tidy up before you get here!

- Anna

Inspirations from Finland

by Anna Jackson on 04/08/14

I recently visited Finland with some Finnish friends who showed me their home town, Leiska.  
It was Spring time and there was still ice on the ground but change was in the air.  
We then drove from Leiska to Ruka; 
five hours of these beautiful silver and black Birch trees.  
I definitely see a print design in those trees, don't you?

- Anna

Less is more (sometimes!)

by Anna Jackson on 11/07/13

Here's a spontaneous bit of minimalism for you - and have a nice day!
 - Anna

Autumn Leaves

by Anna Jackson on 11/01/13

Autumn Still Life - Anna Jackson 2013

I love this time of year, the Autumn colours and a crispness in the air.
A sense of anticipation too, it's not yet cold but things are changing. 
And I'm quite partial to a nice leaf!

I often print using real leaves and this Blue and Silver Leaf clutch is a new design.  "Every leaf on a tree is different. Here they are preserved in fabric to last beyond their brief life. Run your hand over the rich fabric and remind yourself that there is beauty in the smallest of things."

Each leaf is chosen for it's shape and needs to be the right side of attractive decayed-ness!
And I need to be quick, they won't be here for much longer...

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